School Chaplain

Boronia West Primary School is pleased to advise that Kane Crawford will be working in our school 2 days a week as our Chaplain.

Chaplaincy services are provided by DET by agreement with the Commonwealth Government.  The NSCP Chaplaincy Service aims to support the emotional wellbeing of students by providing pastoral care services and strategies that support the emotional wellbeing of the broader school community.

The referral process for this program will be in one of the following ways:

  • The identification by a staff member of a child’s need for chaplaincy service will be directed to the Principal, who will then discuss this with a parent;
  • A student may approach a staff member or the Chaplain who will then discuss the need request with the Principal;
  • A parent may approach the Principal, a staff member or the Chaplain to discuss the need for Chaplaincy Service.
  • Chaplains will record and store relevant information in accordance with the Victorian NSCP Chaplaincy Information, Records and Reporting Policy.

For further information regarding the NSCP is available from the DET website.

In all situations the Principal may recommend an alternate form of support. Where chaplaincy service is to take place a signed permission form will be completed before any sessions take place.

Should you wish to for your child to take part in a program with Kane, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our principal Jennie Brown..

Please download form, complete and return to school.


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