About Us

Boronia West is a place where we develop values, attitudes, knowledge and skills enabling students to become lifelong learners, embracing their futures as optimistic, contributing members of their local and global communities.

Our School Motto: “Growing Through Learning”

Our school strives to provide:

  • Genuine community feeling that encourages lifelong learners in a supportive, safe and happy environment.
  • A climate which encourages respect for others, recognition of achievement, responsibility for one’s actions and choices, reliability, trustworthiness, resourcefulness and responsible risk-taking.
  • An environment where students, parents and staff choose to be because they feel valued and encouraged to do their best.
  • Innovative, excellent, challenging programs across the school.
  • A learning community where needs and personal goals are recognised and mutually supported in order to encourage each person to reach their potential.

The following core values reflect the beliefs we have about how students learn and how we relate to each other in our community in a positive and supportive manner.

  • Achievement - We pursue excellence and display pride and satisfaction in our individual and group achievements and endeavours.
  • Respect – We have high regard for self, others and property and accept differences.
  • Responsibility – We are accountable for our actions, words and attitudes and commit to contributing positively to our school community.
  • Integrity – We will act honestly, ethically and consistently.
  • Optimism – We will have appositive outlook and will nurture and encourage self-confidence, self-respect and self-management.
  • Connectedness – We will cultivate a sense of collective belonging through friendship, care, compassion, cooperation ad genuine acceptance.
  • Resilience – We will encourage the ability to bounce back and cope maturely with stressful and challenging situations. 


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